The Medusa Plot 12/12/2013 word 3

unknown word-  enigmatic


“They reminded him of Grace, their enigmatic grandmother, aviator explorer adventurer, and 39 clues extraordinaire.”

POS- adjective

my definition- outdoorsy kind of person

real definition-resembling an enigma,mysterious.

synonyms-puzzling, baffling, cryptic

Sentence- He told me an enigmatic riddle, it was so puzzling.


The Medusa Plot 12/12/2013 word 2

unknown word-contorted


“He had More to say but a wave a pain contorted his face and erased his train of thought.”

POS- adj.

CC- “ed” and describes the nuon “face”

My definition-messed up

real definition-twisted in a violent manner; distorted.

synonyms- twisted, distorted, messed

sentence-My hand was contorted after I broke it.

The Medusa Plot 12/12/2013 word one

unknown word- illustrious


there was a man named Damien Vesper- a formidable man, a peer of our illustrious ancestor, but a man with a dark side.

POS- Adj.

CC- “lust”(root word) adjective to a person so it is a type of person.

My definition-famous and wealthy

Real Definition- highly distinguished; renowned; famous

Synonyms- famous, distinguished, renown

sentence- the illustrious basketball player LeBron James is very renown for his basketball skills.

The Medusa Plot 12/5/2013 word five

unknown word-staunch


“Amy’s hands flew to her lips to staunch her exhalation of horror.”

POS- Adjective

CC- None found

My definition-to halt  or post-pone or stop

Real definition-characterized by firmness, steadfastness, or loyalty

Synonyms- Firmness, steadfastness, and loyalty

Sentence- When the scary part came of the movie, I put my hand over her lips to staunch her scream.

The Medusa Plot 12/5/2013

unknown word- Brandishing

pg- 22

“Dan stepped forward, brandishing the hose from the tanker truck.”

POS- Verb

CC-“ing”(usually makes it a verb)

My definition- picking up.

Real Definition- To shake, or wave as a weapon.

Synonyms- shake, wave

Sentence- Bill stepped towards Adam brandishing his pencil at his face.

The Medusa Plot 12/5/2013 word three

Unknown word- Assailant


“She landed to quick punches, which rocked her assailant but did not know him down.”

POS- Noun

CC- talking about a fight. “ant”

My definition- a person who fights

Real Definition- Someone who attacks

Synonyms- fighter, attacker

Sentence- In the fight he was unable to recognize his assailant.

The Medusa Plot 12/5/2013 word two

unknown word- inscrutable


“The Egyptian Mau’s green, inscrutable gaze skewered him like twin lasers.”

POS- Adjective

CC-“in” “able”

My definition- deep into it

Real Definition- Not easily understood, mysterious

Synonyms- Mysterious, hidden, incomprehensible, undiscoverable, inexplicable

Sentence- The inscrutable gaze he gave him just hit him like lasers.