Mockingjay 3/21/14

Word 2- anulling

sentence- so far as victor anulling our agreement”

CC- It has a negative connotation because they are mad about it. Also it is a verb

my definition- to get rid of

definition-to void or null, abolish

synonyms-abolish, null, render, stop

my sentence-I wanted to anull it so I could get rid of it


word 3-congenial

sentence- I brace myself for a less congenial reception

CC- it has a good connotation and also it is an adjective

my definition-happy pleasable

definition- agreeable suitable pleasable

synonyms-adapted agreeable pleasant

mysentence- “a had a congenial day because it was pleasable”


word 4-chummy

sentence- some exchange that seems positively chummy

CC- it id an adjective and it has a good connotation

ny definition- friendly


synonyms-affectionate, close, friendly 

my sentence- me and my best friend are very chummy


word 5-emintating

sengence- I imGine I feel the fumes iminating

CC-it is a verb. Also it is an action that fumes can do

my definition-coming forth 

definition-come forth give off

synonyms- arise forward

my sentence- I felt as if the wind emanating because it was coming forward.



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