mockingjay 3/13/2014

word 1- hunkered

sentence- I thought they’d still be hunkered down in the alley

POS- verb

CC- “hunkered down” so something is going down like a persons body is slumping, or someone is walking kind of slum, or it is to squat one someone’s heels.

Definition- to squat on someone’s heels, or the slumping of someone’s body

Synonyms- bend bend down, bow cower dip duck grovel hunddle hunch squat stoop wince

My sentence-the people hunkered down while walking because they were slumping

Word2- deluding

Sentence- if theres a cease fire, your deluding yourself

CC- ‘your deluding yourself’ so your doing something to yourself so its a verb

definition- to deceive or mislead the mind

Synonyms-betray, mislead, deceive

My sentence- I deluded him because I gave him misleading advice

Word 3- shrapnel

Sentence-on theĀ bedside table is a piece of shrapnel they removed from my leg.

CC- ‘piece of shrapnel’ so its a piece of something literal so its a noun.

Definition- projectiles for weaponry

Synonyms-ammo, ball, bullet

Sentence- she took the bullet out of her leg because she couldn’t have the shrapnel in her leg.


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