Mockingjay 2/26/2014

Word one- incendiary

sentence- “The variety of arrows razor sharp, incendiary, explosive- turn the bow into a multi-purpose weapon.

POS- Adj.

CC- It is used to described a weapon. the weapon is referred to as razor sharp and explosive, so I would guess the incendiary would mean something violent and deadly.

My definition- deadly, violent

Real definition-used or adapted for setting something on fire.

Synonyms-inflammatory, pyromania, dangerous, violent

My Sentence- ” It was a incendiary weapon because it could light stuff on fire.”

Word 2-  Adjourns

Sentence- ” As Coin adjourns the meeting,……” “The others leave except for Gale”


CC- So someone did something to the meaning and then it talked about people leaving so I would guess it meant to end or to suspend something

My definition- To end or suspend something

Real definition- to suspend the meeting to a future time place or indefinitely

Synonyms- postpone, discontinue, hold-off, put off

My Sentence-” we needed to continue this meeting somewhere else so I adjourned it.”

Word 3-agitation

Sentence- “Finnick appears in a State of agitation”

POS- noun

CC- It is how he appears so it would mean what he is doing at that moment. He goes on and talks to Katniss and is panicked so I would guess it means in a state of panic

My definition- A state of panic

Real definition- Persistant urging of a cause

Synonyms- churning, commotion, disturbance

My Sentence- He appeared to be agitated because of his shaking hands

Word 4- Arbitrary

Sentence- “Tone to her voice that makes you think her appointment was arbitrary.”


CC-It is describing her appointment. And it talked about her bad tone so it might have a negative connotation so it might mean very serious.

My definition- A very serious moment

Real definition- subject to individual will

Synonyms-irrational, subjective, discretionary

My sentence- ‘it was an arbitrary decision because he was subjected against his will


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