Mockingjay 2/19/14

Word 1-Vermin

Sentence-“The Thought repulsed me at the time, since we consider mice vermin, unless cooked.”

CC-“min” ‘verm’

My definition-dangerous or disgusting

Real Definition- Noxious, objectionable, or disgusting animals.

Synonyms- noxious, objecable, disgusting, obnoxious

My Sentence- A lot of people consider rats vermin because they might seem disgusting to some poeple.

Word 2- Sliminess

Sentence- “The stew doesnt taste bad, but there’s a certain sliminess that’s hard to get around.”

CC- ‘Slim’ ‘Ness’

My definition- Slimy

real definition- of or like slime

Synonyms- slimy slime

My sentence- The burger had some sliminess in it because it was very slimy.

word 3- grotesque

Sentence- ” The convulsing bodies the grotesque expressions”

POS- Adj.

CC- ‘adj’

My Definition- weird

Real Definition- odd or unnatural

Synonyms- odd, unusual, unnatural

My Sentence-His face was grotesque because it was unusual

Word 4-Convulsing

Sentence-“The convulsing bodies, the grotesque expressions

CC-‘con’ ‘verb’


My Definition- dead not moving

Real definition-To shake violently agitate

synonyms-shake agitate, suffering

My sentnence- I convulsed his face by shaking it violently



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