LOTF 8/15/2013

1. Q- Do you think Jack’s men thought about coming after them again after they got beat up?

A- Jack’s men felt strong and powerful trotting down the island chanting and started to beat up the boys. But then Eric and Ralph put it right back at them as Eric said, “‘I got my knee up, and I hit him with it right in the pills. You should have heard him holler! He wont come back in a hurry either. So we didn’t do too badly.'” Eric this gives eric and the other boys a boost of confidence. He also said later in the chapter that they probably wont be back again and the others agree.

2. Q- What do you think the kids are frightened about?

A- Ralph keep bringing the whole bolder and killing thing up and they wont stop talking about it. They are both scared. Piggy says, ‘” Im frightened. Of us. I want to go home. Oh God, I want to go home.'” They are starting to notice, if they don’t get off this island soon they might not survive much longer.


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