LOTF 9/11/13

1. Q- Does Piggy deep down inside, think that it  was a bad thing to see Jack and his followers leave?

A- Piggy would definitely think that it was bad to see Jack and his followers leave because he has to take to mind that there is less workers now. Also there lead hunter is now gone and many of there other hunters. Now it will be harder to get food and survive. Although Ralph might have been a more responsible leader,  Jack was there best chance of surviving for a long time. And since there signal fire is not working to well, Jack was key to there survival.

2. Q- Did Ralph ever want to flee his tribe and join Jack’s at any time?

A- He might have briefly because he new that Jack and his followers had a lot of food and meat and he new that he had more people in his tribe than him. But he new that he wanted to get rescued and he wanted to keep the signal fire going. Also, you can tell he deeply ABHORS Jack . This is why I think he would think about going to Jack’s tribe but very briefly.


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